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Comprehensive subcontracting in the machine manufacturing industry

  • assembly of control cabinets

    We conduct a thorough analysis of the requirements and solutions used by the clients. We guarantee a precise and aesthetic effect. Each circuit is live tested and if needed, an initial configuration of the equipment is performed (inverter, PLC controller, HMI panel, servo drive).
  • mechanical installation of machines

    Completion and assembly of devices based on technical drawings from materials entrusted or ordered on our own. The ability to carry out work at both the customer's and our own workshop.
  • installing production lines

    Setting up, joining, reconfiguring, moving production lines in line with the principles of work safety.
  • cabling and connecting control systems

    Construction of cable routes in all standards. Precise and aesthetic laying of cables in trays. Error-free connection and marking of wires.
  • service tasks and emergency repairs

    We are characterized by quick reaction and effectiveness in action. We provide the highest level of services.
  • aid in setting up/starting machines

    Knowledge of mechanics, automation and robotics makes that with our help each device start-up becomes much easier.

About us

Automatyka Jan Wagner was founded in 2012 in Poznan. To meet market expectations, the company specializes in subcontracting for the machinery industry. We offer a wide range of services in the field of automation and robotics. With our assistance you will effectively increase your resources while maintaining the current company structure. We provide a trained certified team proved in various tasks. We are flexible in reacting to the current needs of the client. We have extensive technical experience, high-quality tools and, above all, enthusiasm to take on challenges around the world. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our projects. We had the pleasure to provide services in such countries as Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Croatia, Belarus and Russia.